Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test


Why test your internet connection?

To see if you are actually getting high speed access. Many companies make claims of speeds “up to*” or “max speed*” a certain speed. What does the asterisk mean? This means you will probably get less but never more.’s 6 megabits download speed for example is actually that, you will get what you pay for, no asterisks required! If you aren’t, there’s something that needs fixing and we should hear from you!

In rural areas satellite internet is commonly used, but is more expensive than other forms of broadband because of all the equipment needed. Also, since the signal has to travel ~44,000 miles to reach the satellite, then to the source back on earth, then back to the satellite, and finally back to you. This is the slowest form of ~high speed~ *cough* internet. …according to provides the following:

  • outperforms other wireless technologies including cellular and satellite.
  • Very low latency – our network provides quick reaction time essential for gaming (no need to worry about lag time caused by signal travel time).
  • You get the most reliable ISP wireless network available in the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities.
  • Our network is a fully encrypted wireless ISP network in the Morongo Basin providing security and privacy unmatched by other providers.
  • Compatible with voice-over-IP phones, video phones, and all gaming systems.
  • Your connection is always on – there is no dialing up or wait-time to connect.
  • Unlimited use. No time or bandwidth limitations!
  • No contracts options, and no early termination fees.
    Speeds offered are very consistent.

Test Your Internet Connection Now

Internet Speed TestUse any of the following Speed Test site links to test your internet connection now:

What to Look for in a Wireless Internet Service Provider

  • Available Bandwidth
  • NO download and upload data quantity limitations
  • Low Latency – Quick reaction time is essential for gaming (lag time is caused by signal travel time)
  • Reliability
  • Friendly Terms of Use, and Contracts or better still “No Contracts” like us

Most Internet Service Providers publish their bandwidth capabilities. The published rates are generally inaccurate because providers often allow more users on their network than it can handle easily. They assume that not all users will be on the network at once. This makes your download speed vary greatly.’s speeds are very consistent.

Check your speed…when you find your service lacking, call at (760) 362-1373!

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Service areas

Mojavewifi.coms’ network goes where DSL Cable and other wireless providers cannot! internet service areas include, but are not limited to the rural desert communities listed below.

NOTE: Services and packages are subject to service availability. Not all packages available in all areas.

  • Copper Mountain Mesa
  • Desert Heights
  • Flamingo Heights
  • Gamma Gulch
  • Indian Cove
  • Johnson Valley
  • Joshua Tree
  • Joshua Tree Highlands
  • Landers
  • Monument Manor
  • Morongo Valley
  • Pioneertown
  • Pipes Canyon
  • Rimrock
  • Sunfair
  • Twentynine Palms
  • Wonder Valley
  • Yucca Mesa
  • Yucca Valley